Old 3C


Announcing the first member of the expanded Old 3C Label Group, Lonely Ochre Recordings, directed by Randall Douglas Matson.

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Announcing the
second member of the expanded Old 3C Label Group, Problematic Records, directed by Steve Lindstrom and Mike Ritt.

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Announcing the
third member of the expanded Old 3C Label Group, Twolick Recordings, directed by Joel Husenits. Twolick's digital releases are available on eMusic and Amazon.

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Welcome to the Old 3C Label Group
, an extension of Old 3C Records, an Ohio-based micro-indie-label active between 2015 and 1999. Old 3C Records artists include Alyosha Het, Beetkeepers, The Beatdowns, Burn Barrel, Counter Intuits, Cruel, Cruel Moon, Ego Summit, Fungobat (Mike Hagen), Great Plains, Househearts, Log, The Malefactors of Great Wealth (J.P. Olsen), The Mealworms, The New Normal, Orchestraville, Peck of Snide, Psandwich, Randall Douglas Matson, Ron House, Saint Paul (Paul Nini), Shades of Al Davis, Stark Folk Band, Thomas Jefferson Slave Apartments, and Vena Cava.

While Old 3C Records' fiftieth release will be the final one, Old 3C Label Group will continue with new releases from its various affiliated labels, such as those listed above.

We're glad you're here, and we hope you'll enjoy your time with us.
MP3s from all Old 3C Label Group releases are provided here for you to listen to and download, so have at them. Best wishes to you and yours -- and keep stickin' it to the man, brothers and sisters.

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Hey, big news! You can now stream the complete
Great Plains "Directions To The Party" DVD, which is SOLD OUT, on Google+Youtube.

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